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The UX Design Awards are a singular competition for user experience – a key added value in connected life and work.

The UX Design Awards are a singular competition for user experience – a key added value in connected life and work.

The Awards communicate opportunities: How accomplished experience design and innovative technologies add value and make a positive impact in peoples’ lives.

The UX Design Awards recognize excellent experience qualities in products, services, environments and future-oriented concepts in all areas of life. The competition is bestowed annually by International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) and presented at the global consumer technology show IFA in Germany.

For further details please see: Participant Benefits.

Creating Experiences

The experiences of clients, stakeholders and employees define the identities of enterprises and organizations. Positive experiences facilitate the acceptance of new solutions and transformative processes.

How do we experience our living and working environments? How do we wish to interact with new systems and technologies, which choices will prevail? How can our environment, its products and services fulfill changing needs and expectations? What are future users longing for?

Understanding user motivation is essential in order to advance existing offers and to develop novel business models. Effective experience design enables brands to develop propositions that add human value, driving their market success.

Enhancing Brand Communications

Communicating positive experiences strengthens people relations, inspiring brand recognition. Experience design is a strategic element of successful brand building.

The UX Design Awards offer great communication value to enterprises and design consultancies. A distinction for excellent user experience enhances the recognition of skills, products and services on the global market.

The number of competition participants is limited, increasing the prestige of each successful nominee and awarded title. By presenting all nominated solutions at the global technology show IFA, the Awards draw the attention of an international trade audience and the general public alike.

Further information: Participant Information and Competition Procedure.

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