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The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award recognizes and rewards companies for innovative and leading-edge creative work that uses strategy and results-based effectiveness to create solutions.

Measure what Works

Advertising and marketing communication professionals know that sales and other measures are impacted by things outside their control. Pricing, product quality, selection, competition, distribution, and geopolitical and macroeconomic issues all influence sales and other results.  The Summit Awards believes that heavy reliance on such data inaccurately reflects effective marketing and creativity.Easy, Accessible Smart Investment of Promotional DollarsThe Summit International Awards removes many of the barriers that exist for effectiveness competitions. Whether a one-person firm, in-house marketing department, or large firm, all marketers should have the opportunity to have our their efforts evaluated in an effectiveness competition that is uncomplicated, reasonably priced and has spot-on evaluative criteria. The Summit MEA bases the judging criteria on the true purpose of advertising and marketing: to change, influence, or reinforce the consumer’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs.

Simplified Entry Process

Historically, effectiveness competitions demand extensive briefs that require client-side research and statistics, which is then augmented with MBA jargon. Exhaustive briefs often require extensive time, proprietary sales data, and quantitative results-oriented judging criteria. This award removes these common barriers and instead asks: was it effective?

Assesses Execution Effectiveness

Utilizing elements of the Creative Brief, our experienced judges put themselves in the position of the target audience to determine to what degree the creative work effective in influencing knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs.  Most importantly, because the judging criteria are based on the purpose of marketing communications and not simply sales, the Effectiveness Award assesses creative effectiveness without the need for proprietary company data.


The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is open to all-size organizations. It allows marketing and advertising companies to demonstrate their ability to influence consumer’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.

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$135 - $265
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

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