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PUBLIC VOTE: Green Product Audience Award

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Vote on the Green Product Award of 2019

"The point is that better green products replace existing ones. For this we offer the platform and the network with the award. I am very pleased that the companies have submitted so many green solutions this year." - Nils Bader, initiator of the Green Product Award.

Participants from six continents applied for the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award. The figures prove - the international interest in the Green Awards continues in its sixth year: Contributions from 34 countries made it into the pre-selection, the Green Selection. Australia, Brazil, Denmark, China, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Nigeria, Taiwan, and many more. 21 submissions can call their idea now “Green Product Award Winner”.

But the time of winning prizes is not over yet. Because you can vote now for your favourite green product and choose the winner of the Green Product Audience Award. We will raffle among all participants: - 5 x 2 Day-Tickets for the next exhibition - Shopping vouchers for green products - 20 x 1 Green Product Book You can vote for several submissions, but you can only vote once for each submission. In order to avoid fraud attempts, a short registration is necessary.

Have fun diving in and voting!

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