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“Mut zur Wut” (“Courage to Rage”) Poster Competition

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Once a year, courage to anger deliberately turns public space into the scene of visual resistance.

The political poster is experiencing a revival: in just a few years, the poster festival "Courage to Fury" has gained international relevance, resulting in more than 2,500 entries from 54 countries in 2014. A showcase of committed creatives who formulate their anger over grievances with bold and striking messages - sometimes despite censorship in their home countries. 30 prize-winning posters are being advertised in public spaces, where discussions and uprisings are just where political changes usually start: on the street. Once a year, courage to anger deliberately turns public space into the scene of visual resistance. A niche of freedom in the otherwise completely monitored and fully controlled urban area. The exhibition of the award-winning posters turns the street into a stage, into a gigantic gallery. A kind of substantive reconquest of the cities, which otherwise threaten to degenerate with their most beautiful and prominent places to simple advertising media. The choice of topic for the motif is free. According to the title "courage to anger", the topic should have a critical, social, political and / or personal content that is presented in a meaningful motive. The 30 best posters selected by an international jury are placarded on busy roads and high-traffic squares in several waves. So it comes to a thousand eye contacts with passers-by. The daily encounter with the posters leads to the fact that the often profound and sometimes not at first sight perceptible messages must be decoded and provoke an intensive confrontation with the content - and thus in the classical sense to reflect. "Courage to Rage" Traveling exhibitions have already been shown in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich, Giessen, Lucerne (Switzerland), Perugia (Italy), Oaxaca (Mexico) and Kuethaya (Turkey) and most recently in London.

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“Mut zur Wut” (“Courage to Rage”) Poster Competition

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