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CABINS Architecture Visualization Challenge

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Your mission is to visualize a prefab cabin (existing or your design) in a location of your choice that you recreate in 3d so that it is possible to experience it as a virtual reality experience.

The seeds for this challenge were planted more than a year ago, during SOA’s Academy Day #7. There, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Scanmaster and Founder of Quixel, Teddy Bergsman and see him presenting Megascans. Understanding what an impact Megascans is going to make, we decided to dedicate a big part of the upcoming challenge theme to it.The field of architectural visualization is a striking blend of both the pursuit of photorealism and the desire to create something artistic, inspiring, and entirely new.

The fast technological advancements in VR/AR/MR and adoption by content creators, calls for a re-evaluation of our workflows. In CABINS, I propose taking the “World Building” approach to the next level with photogrammetry by Quixel’s Megascans to help you achieve reality in the render.

I encourage all followers of the blog, as well as newcomers to take part in this Challenge. This is an amazing opportunity to explore new territory and push our limits.

Jump start your imagination and create something inspiring!

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