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Impactful building interiors make their mark on the cities, places, and spaces where we live and work.

The Justice Facilities Review (JFR) documents best practices in planning and design for justice architecture. Essential elements for identifying the success of these projects are:

  • functionality
  • security and safety
  • technology and accessibility
  • community impact
  • sustainability and economic feasibility (first cost and long-term cost of ownership)
  • longevity (lifecycle performance and operation)
  • aesthetic achievements

The Justice Facilities Review awards program is administered by the Academy of Architecture for Justice, an AIA Knowledge Community.

Descriptive metrics and supporting documentation are required for the submission. Successful submissions highlight the unique aspects of the project as well as the roles the architect and the team played in the development of the solution.

The supporting documentation should tell a compelling story of your project through images and narrative text. It must be uploaded as a single PDF file—max 10 MB, 15 pages—and include color photographs, renderings, drawings, and diagrams of the final design that clearly show the design solution. Include:

  • Interior: At least three images with scale figures.
  • Exterior: For single building projects, provide at least three images that together show principal sides of the building. For a multiple building project, submit sufficient images to show the principal buildings.
  • Floor plans, elevations, and sections should be labeled and legible as full page print graphic.
  • Site plan(s) including surrounding context and north arrow.
  • Imagery and plans can be combined where appropriate. Show all scales graphically.
  • At least 1 of the 15 pages should be dedicated to sustainable initiatives implemented by the project. It is recommended to reference the AAJ Sustainable Justice Guidelines as applicable to your project, however, descriptions and diagrams of sustainable strategies are accepted in any form applicable.

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