14 Design Competitions in August | Monthly Deadline Newsletter

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We have 14 deadlines coming up in August for design competitions around the world in various disciplines. All categories and all competitions are included in these monthly updates that have deadlines in the next month. To stay up-to-date, sign up for the newsletter, and watch social accounts (@alistofawards) for deadline reminders of these upcoming competitions.

You can find all upcoming design competitions ordered by date here.

All design competitions for August 2018

  1. The Home Competition
    HOME creates a platform to speculate the ways new technological, political, environmental and cultural changes can redefine the spaces where we live.
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  2. Galaxy Awards
    The International GALAXY Awards Competition honors outstanding achievement in product and service marketing.
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  3. DRIVENxDESIGN GOV Design Awards
    The GOV Design Awards program provides marketplace recognition across an extensive range of categories and celebrates the creativity and courage of those who are leading the way.
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  4. D&AD Impact Awards
    D&AD Impact is for everyone who believes in the power of creativity to change the world, whether you’re a brand, NGO, start-up, entrepreneur, agency, social enterprise or aspiring innovator.
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  5. W3 Awards
    The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs.
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  6. Estonian Design Awards
    Estonian Design Awards will bring a unique roof to the recognition of the design sector issued in Estonia so as to enhance the voice and message of design in society.
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  7. Best of Health Show
    The IPA Best of Health Show awards the best creativity in healthcare advertising, embracing the promotion of brands to both healthcare professionals and consumers.
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  8. HOW International Design Awards
    Shining a spotlight on the best design work from all corners of the globe
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  9. Gregor Publisher Calendar Award
    An award for calendar publishers in Germany.
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  10. Gregor Japan Calendar Award
    Parallel to the gregor calendar award in Stuttgart, each year in Japan a calendar competition plus exhibition is organised, in Tokyo and Osaka.
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  11. International Visual Identity Awards
    We founded the awards with a clear vision to provide an equal opportunity for all types of entry, from the freelance designer, through to small design studios and large branding agencies.
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  12. AGDA Design Awards
    The AGDA Design Awards recognise the best work in Australia across a wide range of disciplines every year.
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  13. The Drum B2B Brave Awards
    By recognizing the best in home design, AIA Housing Awards show the world how beauty, safety, sustainability, and comfort can come together.
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  14. The Drum Creative Out of Home Awards
    We are also advocates of effective and great our of home campaigns within the industry, both traditional and digital.
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If I am missing a design competition, please feel free to submit a competition here.